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Arbor Care

Hardwood Tree Trimming

Our Certified Arborists can custom an affordable and necessary tree pruning program for any sized property. Allow our expert pruning team to save wear and tear on your roofs and paint by structurally pruning away limbs from roots, sides of buildings and vehicle / pedestrian passage areas.

Palm Tree Trimming

Nothing accents a Florida landscape better than well-pruned, manicured palms. Tall palm pruning is a unique speciality that is accomplished safely and professional by our Internationally Certified Arborists and their pruning specialists. The health and longevity of your palm canopy investment is accented by proper disease diagnostics and corresponding treatment, as well as the development and performance of a pruning program that is unique to the variety and quantity of palms on your property.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

In Florida’s hurricane susceptible climate, the timing and performance of proper tree removal is essential for the both the safety of those on your property and for the beauty of your community. Proper diagnosis by an International Certified Arborist will allow the correct decisions for when it is time to remove a specific tree from your landscape. Let our Arborists handle the complexities of the tree removal permit application process for your local municipality and trust our experienced crews with the safe and effective removal of your largest or smallest trees. A final touch of professionally grinding the tree stump and restoring your landscape with new trees, mulch or sod will leave a resort-quality finish to your improved landscape.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about us or your property.


“I highly recommend RedTree Landscape Systems for any and all of your landscape needs. I have worked with Pete and Dave for decades and have always had professional results. They are knowledgeable and experienced in landscape installation, irrigation, proper tree pruning and removal as well as maintenance of lawns and landscaping.”

Kim JohnsonOwner of Community Management Services

“Very professional and skilled crew. Would not hesitate to hire again. Love this company!!!!”

Michelle EvansProperty Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Pete and his crew for over a year now in our small community. They provide great service, attentive employees and a professional attitude. Pete has always been respectful and informative of my “layman” questions and concerns. Our community lawns, trees and mangroves have never looked better. thank you RedTree!”

Jim WamplerHomeowner

“I am a resident of Fox Wood and the owner took time out of his busy schedule to contact us when our Master Association kept neglecting our complaints and concerns! The owner knew that our property needed to be cleaned so he called our HOA Board and took it upon himself to get over here and make it right. They did a fantastic job and we are truly grateful, as a community, for your willingness to go above and beyond your expectations of your “contract.” You decided to keep US happy and show your determination to keep your name in good standing. Thank you!”

Rebecca NugentHomeowner