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What we do best

Below are just a few of the many services that RedTree has to offer. If you need a service that is not listed below, please contact us. If we do not offer what you need, we can get you in touch with a partner company that will provide you with the same excellent service that RedTree provides to all our clients. Click the link below if you are interested in a proposal for any service we offer.

Grounds Maintenance
Landscape Design & Installation
Irrigation Installation & Maintenance
Palm Tree Trimming
Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
Hardwood Tree Trimming
Seasonal Color Installation
Pest Control & Fertilization
Mulch Installation
Bush Hogging
Property Cleanup
Beach Sweeping
HOAs & Condos

​Grounds Maintenance

Our veteran associates and state-of-the-art equipment can handle any sized landscape program. For smaller to mid-sized communities, our specialized crews arrive at your property equipped to perform all forms of mechanical grounds maintenance, shrub pruning, weeding, small palm pruning and horticultural treatments. For larger communities, the RedTree onsite system provides the ability to establish a site-based team of employees and equipment that is selected solely for the needs and application of your specific property.

​Landscape Design & Installation

Our team of Florida Certified Horticulture Professionals can design a landscape that is tailored to fit the aesthetic and cultural needs of your specific property. While working within your budget, our design concepts combine hardscape solutions with various colors and textures of all plant sizes and varieties. Our professional landscape installation team enjoys making our clients dreams come to life each day by installing creative plant layouts into new or existing landscapes.

​Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Our staff Licensed Irrigation Contractor can design a water inspection program that both repairs and maintains your irrigation system. Monthly accountability and reports that accompany irrigation system inspections are what our clients need, and we make them a regular component of all of our irrigation repair and diagnostic functions.

​Palm Tree Trimming

Removal of seed pods, restoring canopy heights and properly booting your palm trees are essentials when our expert team of tree climbers performs a pruning rotation on your palm trees. Keep your palm trees healthy and free of fruit rats by allowing our tree pruning team to trim your palm trees multiple times per year.

​Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Our team of Internationally Certified Arborists will perform full diagnostic evaluations of all of your trees on property to determine if they can be saved or if they are a hazard to people and property. Our TRAQ Certification allows our Arborists to properly evaluate the level of risk an existing tree may have, and our well-equipped tree removal team can make short and safe work of any tree take-down needed.

​Hardwood Tree Trimming

Our Certified Arborists can custom design an affordable and necessary tree pruning program for any sized property. Allow our expert pruning team to save wear and tear on your roofs and paint by structurally pruning away limbs from roots, sides of buildings and vehicle / pedestrian passage areas.

​Seasonal Color Installation

Each of the four seasons brings about a different need for annuals or perennials, and our landscape design team can bring a “color show” to your entrance features and amenities!  

​Pest Control & Fertilization

Our team of Florida Certified Pest Control Operators can assure that the right granular and liquid products are applied properly and safely to your lawn and landscapes.  Healthy plant material, green turf and exploding color will all be components of our expert horticultural program for your property.

​Mulch Installation

Pine bark, cocoa color or fresh red mulch are just some of the many options that our mulch installation team can bring to your landscape. Keeping weeds in check and proper moisture levels around your plant material are beneficial results of assuring that newly installed mulch material is installed in all of your planter beds.

​Bush Hogging

Heavy-duty, state of the art tractor equipment is just a call away from our team of expert operators performing bush hogging operations on all of your open greenspaces. Many of our developer clients use our vast bush hogging capabilities for empty lots, ditches and steep embankments that are otherwise inaccessible to standard equipment.

​Property Cleanup

Neglected landscapes can be beautifully restored by our team of grounds maintenance professionals. A combination of the property equipment and professional skill can restore even the most overgrown landscape areas and restore their natural beauty.

​& Much More

From removal of dead animals to cleaning out drainage systems, the RedTree team can do it all. Bring us all of your odd requests that you cannot find someone to handle for you and we will make it happen!

​HOAs & Condominiums

There is no landscape contractor in Florida that has more experience in servicing the homeowners association and condominium market then the RedTree Landscape Systems team. We understand the pressures and demands of serving on a Board of Directors, and our goal is to help our Boards succeed by providing complete and accommodating service to their community residents. Property Managers have many demands when managing both onsite and portfolio communities, and the RedTree Landscape Systems will assure good communication, follow-up and completion to help Property Managers serve their communities effectively.


As business owners who place a tremendous amount of importance on providing a great first impression, the RedTree Landscape Systems ownership team understands the importance of assuring that our business clients look good to their existing and potential clients. Specialized arrangements can be made to serve commercial business locations very early in the morning to accommodate pedestrian and parking issues, and other customized programs are available to accommodate each of our business clients’ needs.

​Community Development Districts

The landscape maintenance programs for CDD communities are a unique and specialized type of service that the RedTree Landscape Systems team has a tremendous amount of experience in. The maintenance of large-scale and expansive CDD green space is no problem for the RedTree fleet of new, state-of-the-art mowing equipment. Providing all-encompassing landscape services and expertise that CDDs require is a true RedTree Landscape Systems specialty.

​& More

Whether it be churches, municipal locations, park settings or high-profile resorts, the RedTree Landscape Systems team can provide effective and comprehensive landscape services to each of these types of markets and more.